Short fiction editing workshop

12 October 7pm & 14 October 3pm

An interactive editing workout, facilitated by EIC, Audrey Niven, that will give you the transformational power to edit your own stories

Editing is about so much more than swapping round paragraphs and debating “lissome” versus “pretty”. In this two-hour session in we’ll begin by getting to grips with the core of your story as the foundation of all good editing, and build up from there. Bring along a flash fiction or short story and we’ll work through the key elements of editing:

  • The central idea
  • Narrative arc
  • Voice
  • Scenes
  • Language
  • Dialogue
  • Rewriting vs Tidying up

Audrey will demonstrate with a story of her own so you can see each step of the process happening live, and work on your story in progress during the session.

You won’t have to share your work but there will be opportunities to reflect on the process, discuss challenges, ask questions or read out some dazzling prose if you feel like it.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have more confidence in your ability to elevate your writing by editing and will have at least one story stronger and fitter, ready to go out into the world.

This session was originally run in Spring 2023 through the Crow Collective

Tickets are £15 but we are offering two free places in each workshop to support marginalised writers who would otherwise not be able to attend. Please use a free space if you need it. You will not be quizzed or asked for proof.